The New Idlwilde Inn

Idlwilde Inn

We bought this wonderful Inn in November and, since it hadn’t been open in the winter for the past twenty years, we chose to announce ourselves as open for business, expecting a slow winter, allowing us to settle into our new roles as innkeepers. Appropriately, we had our first guests on New Year’s Eve, and that was the start to what has turned out to be a busy winter at Idlwilde!

We’ve had multiple morning with twenty guests in the dining room, and to us there is no sweeter sound than people making connections over a cup of coffee and Elin’s delicious delectables.

There’s changes aplenty around here as we change the decor to match our vision, and the snow has come and gone more times than we ever could have expected! Soon, maintenance inside the house will give way to the gardens and a new paint job, but for now we are completing the many projects we saw that would make things runs more smoothly.

We’ve also incorporated plenty of new furniture into the decor of the Idlwilde Inn, so even if you’ve been here before, you haven’t seen the new Idlwilde. We hope our regulars will enjoy a slight change to the appearance, and even the workings, of the Inn… all while we seek to maintain the high standards set by our beloved predecessors.

Dining roomMarcus’ favorite might have been one of those busy morning, with about twenty guests getting their coffee and settling in for breakfast. As is often the case, strangers dining with one another were whispering and it was just a tad too quiet. In talking to one couple whom I hadn’t really met yet, I discovered that they lived in “State College”. Knowing that another couple worked at Penn State, I asked across the room of they knew one another. They didn’t. But the mere mention of the geology department, where on of them worked, led to yet another couple chiming in with their geological bona fides. Next thing you know, the entire room was talking to, across, one another – the connections just kept coming!

It is my firm belief that we all have connections, most of which pass by unbeknownst to us, as we fail to do the one thing that leads to such discoveries – talking to each other! It is always amazing how many ways we are inter-connected, and we love making those discoveries.

Of course, some just want a quiet time, and a quiet breakfast to themselves. It is clearly part of the art of innkeeping to recognize that and to ensure that guests enjoy the exact type of time here that they came looking for.