The Perfect Spring Break Getaway in the Finger Lakes

Escape to serene surroundings in upstate New York and enjoy a spring break getaway in the Finger Lakes that’s unlike any other. Nestled in the beautiful countryside, Idlwilde Inn has everything you need to have an incredible stay here in Watkins Glen. Immerse yourself in timeless ambiance and explore charming small towns, unparalleled natural beauty, and a plethora of outdoor activities for fun in the great outdoors!

watkins glen waterfall near idlwild inn

Breathtaking Scenery

See the land covered in gorgeous flowers as winter recedes, a symphony of springtime slowly revealed in all its glory as the snow melts away. Travel past rolling hills filled with vibrant greenery, see the many vineyards sprouting new grapes , and stand in awe at towering waterfalls, just some of the things to explore that make this region so unique. Don’t forget to bring a camera, because some of these picturesque views look like they’re straight out of a postcard! One of the best ways to see this area come alive is with a leisurely drive on the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway, an 87-mile loop around the lake with plenty of scenic stops along the way as well as local farms, places of interest, and so much more.

wine being poured at a wine tasting

Wine Tasting and Culinary Delights

Ring in the season and indulge in a delicious vintage with area wine tasting! Take the Seneca Lake Wine Trail and sample a diverse offering of world-class wines from the many wonderful vineyards along the trail. It’s home to the most wineries of any trail in New York, and so many of them come highly recommended, with truly some of the finest vineyards in the state. Pair these wonderful wines with decadent delights, chocolates, cheeses, and farm-fresh fruits, a delightful variety of local flavors to enhance your tasting journey. There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than a glass of wine in hand, all while enjoying the gorgeous natural beauty of upstate New York. Inquire with us when you book, or when you arrive, and we’ll be happy to help you put together the perfect wine trail itinerary for your spring break getaway.

couple on a hike near idlwilde inn

Outdoor Adventures

The area’s picturesque surroundings and outdoor experiences come alive as winter gives way to more temperate weather. Take in the unforgettable natural beauty of the Finger Lakes region and enjoy all the outdoor activities this area has to offer. One of our most popular things to do is to hike, and we can certainly see why Watkins Glen Park is such a popular destination. Its 2-mile scenic trail features over 19 waterfalls along its path, truly a treat for the eyes and a must-see attraction! Of course, these adventures wouldn’t be complete without a variety of aquatic activities on nearby Seneca, including kayaking, fishing, boating, and so much more.

a musician playing outside at a music festival

Festivals and Events

The vibrant local culture of the Finger Lakes area is bolstered by its many festivals and happenings all throughout the year, but especially in spring. Experience live music, community events, art exhibitions, discounted local goods, and so much more! Sample delicious foodstuffs at a farmers market, like fruits just coming into season, and browse handcrafted wares for a delightful gift to take home to friends and family. There is such an abundance of fun things to do near Watkins Glen, a truly unforgettable upstate escape filled with a variety of unique happenings that keep this area lively for months to come. Make sure and check out the full events calendar for dates and times, that way you can plan your perfect getaway!

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Peaceful Retreats

Stay in romantic Finger Lakes accommodations and experience top-quality comfort at Idlwilde Inn. Rest easy on king and queen beds and enjoy cozy lodgings with gorgeous views of the surrounding area. Wake up every morning to a complimentary breakfast prepared from scratch with farm-fresh ingredients and get started on your day the right way! With so much to do here, a comfy home base is just what you need for a restful night’s sleep after a full day of experiencing all that upstate New York has to offer. We hope to see you soon and wish you safe travels wherever they may take you.

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