2021 Summer Guide to the Finger Lakes

2020 was a year to remember. Or maybe a year to forget… Either way 2021 is shaping up to be the perfect year for a getaway to the Finger Lakes. So much has happened over the last year that you might be wondering “What will a trip to the Finger lakes be like this year?” Luckily, we have you covered with our 2021 Summer guide to the Finger Lakes with up to date information on wineries, dining, activities and more!

Wine, Wine & More Wine… & Beer

Every morning you can hear from Marcus about the hundred wineries in the Finger Lakes. He has his favorites, and not for the reasons you might expect… and he needs little to no prompting to tell you all about them.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead and read about each wine trail and the best way to maximize your visit. On the east side of the lake we love the very first winery you come to – Ryan William Vineyard. And if you happen to be there when you’re hungry, their food is excellent!  After that, about a quarter of the way up the lake, comes L’Amoreaux Landing. And finally, halfway up the lake, comes Boundary Break.

If it’s beer you prefer, look no further. Still on the east side, there are nothing but beautiful views, especially at sunset. Two Goats Brewery serves only roast beef sammiches, but there’s a reason for that! Grist Iron has a large selection of pubbish type foods, Scalehouse is more Italianish, pizza-ish, and finally, our friends at Lucky Hare Brewing Company would love to see you (you’ll probably see us there, too…).

Places To Eat? We Got ‘Em!

Relax here at the end, before and after dinner, no matter where you go. There are plenty of places to be alone, or to enjoy the company of others. But if it’s dinner you’re looking for, we have plenty of suggestions. Right at the bottom of our hill (a five minute walk), is Graft, a cozy little cider bar (with wine & beer), with delicious meals. We are so lucky to have such nice places to eat. Right across the street from Graft is Nickels BBQ, if that’s your bent. Everyone loves it. Also within a block is the Seneca Cheese Shop, a great place to start your evening out with a nosh a drink before heading to dinner. The Blue Pointe Grille is also excellent, and also within the same block!

If It’s Hiking You Want…

It’s hiking you’ll get. Watkins Glen State Park is walkable from the Inn (through our secret entrance). Similar, amazing parks are at the bottom of the next lake over (Cayuga), Robert Treman State Park and Buttermilk Falls. And, for something completely different, there’s Taughannock State Park, home to the highest single-drop water fall this side of the Mississippi. It’s a flat, 3/4 mile walk to the glorious gorge. And then, if you want something a bit more challenging, you can always hike to the top. See you in a few hours!

We also have lots of museums (if it ever rains), the racetrack, tours of white deer an old army base, distilleries, creameries, cider houses, cheeseries, etc. The same goes for all the other activities you’ll have access to here – whether it be outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, boating, swimming – or museums and restaurants – the recommendations are plentiful.

Book your Getaway to Idlwilde Inn…

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